The Hall of Fame program is the Recovery Sports Grill’s customer loyalty program. It allows our guests to earn rewards with every food and beverage purchase and take part in special promotions and offerings.
If you notice that 100 points have been deducted from your point balance, don’t be alarmed. Every 100 points is equivalent to $10 reward dollars. Therefore, your 100 points that were deducted have turned into $10 reward dollars for you to spend on your next RSG purchase.
Reward dollars can be spent at any time on food and beverage purchases only.
When registering a Hall of Fame card, registrants are asked to input their birthdate. Once a card is registered and this information included, members will receive a $25 birthday bonus on the first day of their birth month as long as they have visited 12 or more times since their last birthday. Should a member visit less than 12 times since their last birthday, a $5 birthday bonus will be earned instead. Both the the $25 and $5 birthday bonus rewards will expire in five weeks.
Ask your server/bartender during your next visit if you can sign up for the Hall of Fame program and you will be provided with your new HOF card. Make sure to register your card in order to use any accumulated rewards. Register your card with just a few steps. Unregistered card holders can accumulate points but not redeem rewards until registered.
If you do not have access to an email account, you can certainly still participate. Members can register a HOF card online and inquire in-store for card balance. You may not, however, be notified of certain promotions which are communicated through HOF member emails.
When registering your Hall of Fame card, you may have opted-out of the Hall of Fame member emails. In order to receive these emails, log in to your HOF account via the Recovery Sports Grill website and check off the “Please inform me about special offers” option under the “Edit Account Information” section. If you still do not receive Recovery Sports Grill HOF emails, check your spam folder as your settings may have directed these emails to a folder other than your direct inbox.
Points will appear on your account immediately as they are earned. Be sure to give your server your Hall of Fame card at time of payment and points will then be added at this time.
Points will be doubled, but not quadrupled. Promotions/offerings are not to be combined.
Rewards cannot be earned and redeemed simultaneously. Should you decide to redeem reward dollars, points will not be earned for that purchase.
Points may not be earned for purchases made with the use of a coupon.
Points may be earned for a catered event. Double points, however, will not be honored even if the event is held on a Tuesday or done via take-out order.
Lost Hall of Fame cards can be replaced easily in the store. Notify server of your situation and a new card will be presented to you with existing point and reward dollar balance of the lost card. The lost card will then be disabled and declined for further use.
Hall of Fame cards do not expire. However, HOF cards unused for two (2) years will be deactivated. If you would like us to reactivate your card, please feel free to reach out to us at feedback@recoverysg.com.
Members are not permitted to add points/rewards dollars to an account. Points/reward dollars are added only during the time of payment by server/bartender/manager. If for some reason points are not added at the time of payment, please contact us to correct the issue.
A $25 birthday reward is given to those guests who visit any Recovery Sports Grill location 12 or more times since their last birthday. A $5 birthday reward is given to those guests who visit less than 12 times since their last birthday. Both the $25 and $5 rewards expire five (5) weeks from the day they are loaded onto your card (the 1st day of your birthday month).
Unfortunately, no. Orders placed through a third party app (such as GrubHub) are not eligible for Hall of Fame points.